Weight check
December 19, 2017
Type 2 DCS
December 19, 2017

Predive safety check – the five steps

  • BC/BCD: Operate all inflation and deflation valves to ensure that your BC/BCD can accept and release air. Test the oral inflator. Operate all dumps to ensure that air can be dumped quickly. Check that straps have no slack and are lying flat.
  • Weights: Make sure your weights are secure and review all release mechanisms. When you and your buddy check each other’s gear, make sure to familiarize yourselves with each other’s weight system.
  • Releases: Determine where all your and your buddy’s releases are located, how they come unfastened and whether they’re properly secured.
  • Air: Breathe air through your regulators to ensure that it is fresh and dry. Test the operation of your primary and secondary regulators at least three times. Both should allow you to breathe comfortably and shouldn’t “free-flow” when purged. Be sure the air-pressure gauge doesn’t drop during the breathing test. Check all hoses for damage.
  • Final okay: Do a final head-to-toe check. Ensure that hoses are clipped to the diver neatly and are in the correct configuration. Make sure the diver has fins, a mask and any other accessories (reels, knife, compass, emergency signaling equipment, etc.) needed for the dive. Correct anything else that appears amiss.

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