Make your stay more comfortable

Do you like to travel on a budget? A hotel room would cost much more than a hostel bed and shorten your trip, isn’t it? Our aim is to keep our prices as low as possible, meanwhile, we maintain a high level of services, cleanliness and provide a better overall experience than other hostels in the region. We do our best to help to save your money and not making you pay for services what you don’t use. 90% of travelers travel to discover destinations and not spending their days in hotel rooms, so we can save money for you when we not running the AC units for 24 hours. The electricity on this island is extremely pricey, and ACs are responsible for 80% of our electric bills and it's a major cost. However, you can ask us to extend the 12 hours AC service timeframe included in your room price. The AC units wired to an automated timer on a smart home system, they normally powered between 8 pm and 8 am. When you make a payment below, the smart system turns the unit on to the required room in the next couple of minutes and will stay on until the next morning. IMPORTANT! Once the AC unit has power, make sure that the set temperature is what you want. If necessary, adjust the temperature with the remote controller provided in your room (next to your door).


100 MXN / the rest of the day
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