What is included?

Use of all diving equipment including a Wetsuit, tuition, pool and/or ocean dives, boat transport to/from dive sites and where applicable PADI course materials such as (digital) manuals, dive planner, dive logs, etc. to use during the course and keep after the course is finished and PADI Diver Certification Card. Prices are based on beach dives. Ground transportation and tips for the boat crew (where applicable) are not included. Cash prices. In case of any electronic payment (PayPal, credit/debit card, wire transfer, etc.) additional fees may apply.

Self study

Some entry level courses have a self-study component indicated by the words “(Exc self-study)” in the duration column, which must be completed in your own time outside of the course practical sessions and must be completed prior to certain dives and/or certification. We will, of course, assist you wherever necessary. Self-study can be completed with the manuals we provide in the price of your course, or by PADI eLearning. Before you apply to any scuba diving courses below, please make sure that you are medically fit to dive, and if necessary consult with your physician. The PADI Medical form is available here.

Specialty Courses & Master Scuba Diver Certification for Certified Divers
CourseWhat is it?DurationPrice USDBOOK NOW
Speciality Courses
(min age varies with course)
Broaden your diving knowledge and gain confidence and experience by taking a speciality diving course. We run a variety of enjoyable specialties requiring between 0 and 4 dives to complete (mostly with no exams required). Gain 5 specialities, have at least 50 logged dives and the Rescue Diver certification and you can certify as a Master Scuba Diver which is PADI’s most prestigious non-professional certification.

For a list of Specialty Courses click HERE
4 – 12 hrs spread over 1 – 4 daysVaries
Deep Specialty Course2 days (4 open water dives) plus self study325.00
Enriched Air (Nitrox) Course
(min age 15 yrs)
Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx) allows you to spend more time underwater by increasing your No Decompression Limit (NDL) especially in the 40 – 100ft/12 – 30M depth ranges. For example, at 80ft/25M the air NDL is 30 min, with EAN36% it is 55 min, almost twice as long! This is what makes the Enriched Air Diver Certification PADI’s most popular specialty courses.
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self study manual
(no dives /
with 2 Nitrox dives)
135.00 / 225.00PADI Enriched Air Diver (nitrox) course
PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Course
(min age 10 yrs)
The PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty course improves the buoyancy skills you learned as a new diver and elevates them to the next level.self study manual
175.00PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Course
PADI Drift Diver Specialty Course
(min age 12 yrs)
The PADI Drift Diver Specialty course teaches you how to enjoy going with the flow as you scuba dive down rivers and use ocean currents to glide along.self study manual
185.00PADI Drift Diver Specialty course
Master Scuba Diver Rating
5 Specialty Package

(min age 15 yrs or 12 for Junior)
This course includes 14 Open Water dives giving you five specialty certifications. Included are Peak Performance Buoyancy (2 dives), Drift Diver (2 dives), Deep Diver (4 dives),
Enriched Air Nitrox (no dives), and Underwater imaging (2 dives). You can substitute other specialties.
16 – 20 hrs spread over 6 – 8 days875.00
14 dives
(+add 50 USD for an Advanced Open Water Diver Certification)
Discounts if you already have the PADI Advanced Open Water (or Adventure Diver) Certification.

If you already hold the PADI Adventure Diver or Advanced Open Water Diver certification and have evidence of the dives completed to gain the certification (such as the training section of your log book signed by an Instructor), then you can reduce the number of dives to gain an associated specialty by one and reduce the price accordingly. For instance, if you completed a Wreck dive during your AOWD course you can complete the Wreck Diver Specialty in three dives rather than the normal four, and save the cost of the fourth dive.