[su_spoiler title=”Introduction” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron-circle” anchor=”Introduction”]Overview:
This manual is designed to assist employees and helpers in the navigation of tasks at 2tank Dive Hostel.
It can be used as a ‘go to’ manual and act as a ‘how to’ for tasks which are required to be completed.

2tank Dive Hostel opened in December 2015. It offers our guests a relaxed atmosphere, somewhere that to study and read if they are undertaking a SCUBA course and the vibe of a hostel with communal areas and dorms creating an environment where you can meet and talk with other travelers.
The hostel caters to several different clientele, however, the main types, in broad terms, that use the hostel are:
A) SCUBA divers
and B) international travelers.
SCUBA Divers:
Since Cozumel is a diving destination we get guests of various skill levels from very experienced, seeking further accreditation, to people who are diving for the first time and those who are simply diving for pleasure.
International Travellers: We see many different nationalities, including German, Israeli, Canadian and American throughout the year.
Because of the bedding arrangements, the hostel can cater to couples, groups and those traveling alone, however, the hostel does not allow minors (aged under 18) so we cannot cater for young family groups.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Expectations” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron-circle” anchor=”Expectations”]Working Expectations:
There are several tasks which we ask to be carried during your shifts and there are several personal attributes we expect to be displayed.
The roles themselves are not unachievable in the duration of your shift.

In terms of attitude, it is important to work as part of the whole team of staff, being considerate, thoughtful, and working autonomously with some pride taken in the output of your work.
Having a ‘hands on approach’ and attention to detail will also be of some benefit to the hostel and to yourself for future tasks.
Overall there is a certain expectation that during the whole time of your stay (regardless if you are currently on or off shift) you will always lead by example to other guests and other helpers, by keeping things clean during the day.
For example: keeping the dish drying rack clear and refilling any toilet paper, taking dry washing off the line or emptying rubbish bins when they are (nearly) full.
Most of our processes and facilities had been set up and being operated according to guest and past staff recommendations. If you have any ideas about how to improve anything in the hostel, please tell the management! (the best way is to send a message via e-mail or facebook messenger)
It is strictly forbidden to remove, change or modify any equipment, processes in and around the hostel. Everything has a good reason and a function. (ie. if you find a fan connected to an extension cord on the rooftop, but it is not working, don’t remove it without asking! It is essential part of the rooms exhaust system and turns on 10 times per day on a timer.) If you fail to keep this rule and our processes described in this manual, you will be asked to leave.
It is completely unacceptable to stuff to use any drugs or drink alcohol (showing up drunk or intoxicated) for work. If this happens, you will be asked to leave immediately, (employees will be fired) no questions asked. We are super strict on this.
Each task mentioned above is in detail throughout the rest of this manual to ensure that full compliance throughout the hostel is at all times is achieved. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Contact information” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron-circle” anchor=”Contact”]Contact Numbers:
In case of any discrepancies or emergencies below are the contact numbers for people working at the hostel:
Owner: Peter +52 1 (987) 105 6000
Manager: Jordan +1 (320) 309 8084
Reception: +52 1 (987) 872 6601

In case of emergency: the emergency numbers are displayed at the reception, next to the phone

[su_spoiler title=”House rules” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron-circle” anchor=”House rules”]As with all hostels worldwide, 2tank Dive Hostel has its’ own house-rules which are displayed in the reception area, as well as on the backs of the doors in each individual room.
It will be the responsibility of the person on shift to ensure that the guests are complying with these rules. Any escalation of a guest not agreeing with these rules should be directed to management immediately.
All rules can be flexible and you should use common sense in each situation.
Below are some of the key rules which, as a staff member you will need to be aware of:
Check-in at 2pm
Check-out at 11am
Guests are prohibited to use their own sleeping equipment. (primarily this is to limit the chance of spread of bed bugs throughout the hostel and other establishments. It is not an accusation that the guest is carrying bed bugs however since the spread is difficult to stop once in action, the best cure is prevention)
Guests under the age of 18 are not allowed to stay in the dorms. (for their own personal safety)
Any damage to the furniture or hostel facilities will be charged to the guest. (we do not want the hostels facilities damaged or destroyed so not to allow for future guests to use them. Repairs will have to be made and these costs will be passed on to the guest)
Smoking and Drugs are prohibited on the premises. (the closest smoking area is out the front of the hostel, in the public thoroughfare. This includes ‘E-Cigarettes’ and ‘Vaping’. Although there is no set regulation in Mexico, we have taken the rules of some states in the USA which is that use of these devices indoors is prohibited.)
Visitors guests are not permitted inside the dorms or the bathrooms. (This is for the safety of our guests and there possessions.
After 11pm, guests are not permitted inside of the hostel. Throughout the day visitors and our guests are allowed to use the common areas.)
Quiet Hours are from 10pm till 7am. During quiet hours, guests can go outside or go to bed. Noise in the common areas (even “normal volume” talking) echoes from the communal area down the halls and into the rooms.

At any time if you see any of these rules being infringed, you should approach the guest politely and ask that they stop. It may be necessary to explain why each policy exists to the guest, but as previously mentioned if the problem continues or the matter is escalated then it should be directed to the manager on duty.

House rules in PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxVI89ffHmMjR2did20tNzNma2c/view[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Rules to follow” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron-circle” anchor=”Rules to follow”]Rules for our helpers/volunteers to follow:
Immigration – Working or volunteering in Mexico is illegal without the correct visa. (except Mexican Citizens of course) It can result in prison time if you are caught working without the correct documentation. This matter should be discussed directly with management.
Shifts – Usually there are 3 set shifts, however depending on the number of staff it will depend if all 3 are in operation, 9am – 2pm, 3pm – 8pm, and 11pm – 7am (sleeping overnight). You need to arrive for your shift on-time, and finish no earlier than your required hours. (exceptions can be made after discussions with management, and if necessary you are able to swap shifts with other helpers if they agree.) If swapping shifts, inform management of the shift swap.
Access to the roof – Is only permitted by staff and “Workaway-ers”. No guests are allowed. It is for their safety. We are not responsible if they are injured.
Drinking water: Just like for every guests, a contribution is required when you take water from the water garrafón. (Ie. 10 pesos for a water bottle refill, or 4-5 pesos for a glass of water).
Guests, helpers are expected to fill their agreed length of stay in full. However, plans can change, expectations might not be met, so they can check-out and leave early at any time with no obligation, and without further explanation. If someone does not apply the house rules, or these guidelines or does not meet the expectations, the hostel has the same right. 2tank can discontinue your stay with 1 hour notice at any time without explanation.
If guests ask about drying their clothes, they should be directed to any of the laundromats around. In Mexico they are cheap to use (approx. 20 MXN/10 min to use the dryer).
Privacy – You are considered to be a member of staff and throughout completing your duties you will be privileged to some information about the running of the hostel, however, all business matters and hostel operations must not be discussed under no circumstances with any of the hostels paying guests (including friends). Some information passed on, or overheard, by guests could lead to the guest departing prematurely or forming bad opinions.
Dive Discounts – You receive the same discounts and benefits as all other guests, and you can have the cheapest available guest prices. This means 9% cash discount and 10 USD per day guest discount from any diving activity. When you book online on our website or in person at the reception please use the promo code ‘Guest10’. Failing to use this code means, unfortunately, losing your discount. While you might be carrying out any courses or diving, you will still be expected to complete any shifts you have been scheduled for.

Laundry – Volunteers are allowed to use the hostel’s washing machine, but you must ensure that all linen for the hostel is washed and that the machine is no longer needed. Sheets and laundry are hung on the roof to dry. Any dry sheets from the roof should be brought in regardless of the time. It is your responsibility to hang out your own washing to dry, and bring in your personal washing before the start of the next morning shift.
Fridge – You are welcome to use the fridge for food storage during your stay, however the priority is for guests. Please try to limit the amount of food shopping to be stored in the fridge to ensure that it is not over filled. At times there can be up to 40 people staying in the hostel, and everybody needs use of the fridge. You will be given free time to do shopping.

Volunteer Room Rules:
Volunteers are expected to follow the House Rules, as is expected of all guests. There is no dedicated volunteer room in the hostel, as volunteers will be sharing rooms with other volunteers and paying guests. Keep your room and your belongings in order and tidy at all times!
No Visitors/Friends – there will be several people staying in the room, and for the safety of them and their possessions we do not allow any visitors “friends” of the volunteers to stay in the rooms.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Hostel facilities” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron-circle” anchor=”Hostel facilities”]The hostel is very well equipped and during your stay if you find anything not working or anything which could be improved then please let management know without any delays.

Rooms: There are 5 dorm rooms, and 2 private rooms within the hostel.
All rooms are air-conditioned. The air-conditioning comes on at approximately 8pm and is switched off at 8am by staff.
Room 1, mixed dorm room, sleeps 8-10
Room 2, female only dorm room, sleeps 6-7
Room 3, private room, sleeps 3-4
Room 4, mixed dorm room, sleeps 7-9
Room 5, mixed dorm room, sleeps 7-8
Room 6, mixed dorm room, sleeps 5
Room 69, private room, sleeps 2-3
Each bed is allocated one per person. The double beds are allocated on a first come, first serve basis, couples can share double beds. The price of accommodation is per person, not per bed.
Lockers in room (big and small size)
Padlocks for purchase (50 MXN per piece)
Personal reading lights beside each bed.

Communal bathroom with hot water:
3 ladies showers
3 mens showers
3 toilets
1 ‘staff’ toilet

Tap water: it is absolutely OK to use the tap water for cooking and drinking after boiling it (ie. for hot drinks like coffee, tea)
2 Electric Hotplate
Communal fridge
Full cutlery
Various utensils
Plates and bowls
Storage containers
Boiler pot
Mixing bowls
Salad bowls
Drinks fridge, beverages for sale, no alcohol
Water garrafón: 5-10 pesos contribution is required when taking water from it.

Coffee Station:
Complimentary coffee, sugar, sweetener, powdered milk, herbal tea

Snorkel gear for hire for guests (ID deposit required)
Dive equipment for guests booked on day dives or courses
Wi-Fi complimentary to guests – WIFI code/password: learn2dive

Storage Room (Bodega):
Linen complimentary for guests
Blankets complimentary for guests (on request)
Towel hire for guests (charge and deposit)

Book exchange at lobby

Tour Desk: (all available at additional costs)
Dive courses and excursions

The following tours are available, but since these are not in the hostel’s core profile, we don’t advertise them:
Whale shark tours
Fly board
Stand-Up Paddle board hire
Snorkelling excursions[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Need to know” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron-circle” anchor=”Need to know”]Most of the lights in the hostel common areas are operated by motion sensor, some of them by timers.
The main lights in the rooms are turned off by a timer at the mains between 11pm and come back on at 7am.
The rooms are air-conditioned, which comes on at 8pm and is switched off at 8am by timers. If a guest requests, we turn on the AC manually at any time during the day.
The kitchen electric hotplates will only activate when a metal (not aluminium) pan or pot put on. They need to be turned on via the power button (right side), then the correct function selected (left button) for them to operate, if the metal object is removed they will turn off. The hot plates are not powered and will not operate during quiet hours.
The light and exhaust fan in the kitchen area is motion censored and on a timer, will turn off for the night.
All cleaning products are kept in the cleaning storage room.
An employee cleaner comes in 6 days a week (Monday-Saturday), between 7am-1pm and one other in the afternoons. He is responsible for cleaning the bathrooms, toilets, rooms, and hallway floors, and empty bins. It is general staff (=YOUR!) task to maintain the overall cleanliness of the hostel during the day. Never wait for the cleaning staff to clean something if you see something dirty. Take action, it is your responsibility! [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Bathrooms” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron-circle” anchor=”Bathrooms”]What to do Instructional
Below is an instructional of what tasks need to be carried out during your shift.

Clean up any torn toilet paper left on the floor.
Empty bins and refill toilet paper if necessary.
How to Replace Toilet Paper in the Dispensers:
Spare toilet paper rolls are kept in the storage room, a key is not necessary to open the dispensers except for the staff only toilet.
If you are replacing the toilet roll of the guest toilets you can press down on the silver keyhole and slowly pull down on the cover.
The cover will unlock and you can put the new roll of toilet paper in.
Unroll a couple of the new sheets so that guests are able to find the beginning of the new roll.
If you are replacing the toilet roll in the staff only toilet you will need to get the key from the reception desk, before being able to change the roll. The ZigZag key is on the hostel Master Key set.


[su_spoiler title=”Kitchen” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron-circle” anchor=”Kitchen”]The plastic bowls and plates do not necessarily dry quickly in the Cozumel weather, especially when it is humid. Sometimes it might be necessary to manually dry some of the used ‘crockery’ and utensils.
Empty and clean dish drying rack including drip tray, remembering to wipe out cutlery hold, legs and underneath the rack.
Clean electric hotplates, and toaster (remembering to clean out crumb tray), microwave and wipe counter.
Wipe all tables in common area.
Clean out fridge (after 11am)
How to clean fridge:
Remove any food which is not labelled
If it is not labelled, create a ‘last chance’ pile. Place a sign on the fridge indicating that if it is not claimed and labelled it will become either free food, or it will be thrown away.
Remove any food which is labelled but the guests have already checked-out. Throw any rotten (leaking, dirty) food even if they are labeled.
Any fresh food, if good, can be kept in the fridge. Make a sign saying free ‘X’ and stick it to the front of the fridge.
Remove food from shelves, remove shelves and clean with warm water and a cap full of bleach
Clean fridge seals of any mold or food
Wipe the front of the fridge surface including around the handle removing any food and fingerprints
Wipe bin lid and if necessary remove any waste from bin, replacing the garbage liner.
Swap dirty towels/rags with clean ones. (Do not use the same cleaning cloth you used to wipe the bin to clean the rest of the kitchen or other facilities) Dirty rags/towels from the kitchen will first be soaked in bleach water, and then washed in the machine separately from the bed sheets.
[su_spoiler title=”Coffee station” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron-circle” anchor=”Coffee station”]Fill kettle and turn on to boil.
Wipe table.
Wipe kettle, and coffee canister.
Check bin, remove any waste if necessary and replace the garbage liner.
Refill any supplies. All replacement stock is found at the front desk. If any stock needs replacing please let management know so that they can purchase more before it all runs out.

Kettle needs to be cleaned and descaling every Monday and Thursday, in the afternoons or as needed.
To do this:
Fill the kettle with an equal part solution of water and household vinegar and let this soak for an hour.
Once the hour is up, just boil the kettle.
Then, empty the kettle and rinse it thoroughly.
If you don’t have any vinegar to hand, try lemon juice!

[su_spoiler title=”Drinks fridge” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron-circle” anchor=”Drinks fridge”]All the beverages in the drink fridge are for purchase, no exceptions. (Even for staff.) The prices are displayed on the window, in front of the drinks on every shelf and row.

Daily maintenance:
Pull forward all drinks.
Tidy fridge and ensure that labels are facing outwards.
Restock drinks if necessary, report inventory to reception.
Wipe over door frame and door seals.
Wipe over front grill of fridge.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Common Area” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron-circle” anchor=”Common Area”]If any dirt, tiny or big garbage found at any time in any common area, collect, broom, wipe, or put it to garbage bin.
Pull tight the covers on the day beds, tidy and place cushions neatly.
Organise the chairs at the tables neatly.
Wipe the tables with a wet and clean cloth. (make sure it is not greasy and smelly such as the kitchen clothes)
Organise and make the bean bags “stand” nicely, tidy and place pillows and cushions neatly.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Laundry” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron-circle” anchor=”Laundry”]Laundry Box:
Take any dirty laundry in laundry box to the laundry in preparation for washing.
Guests are asked to bring their used sheets and towels to reception at check-out.

The filters of the washing machine need to be cleaned on Tuesday and Saturday shifts. There are 2 filters inside the washing machine along the walls of the drum, they should be removed, washed and cleared of any residue. This will ensure the machine is running to its most effective. Once cleaned they should be replaced back in the machine
When washing machine is nearly full, start wash. (Do not overfill the machine or it will not wash correctly)
How to use the washing machine:
To turn on the washing machine press ‘Encender/Apagar’
Fill the washing machine, with dry linen the washing machine should be to the top of the barrel without pushing down on the linen inside. Add the liquid detergent into the drawer at the back of the machine, just under the lid. The drawer is marked with ‘detergente’. Ensure that the “Temperatura” light is lit to “Fria” – we only wash with cold water. If the “Caliente” light is on, the machine will show an error state.
Start the wash by pressing the ‘inicio/pausa’ button.
The time displayed is not virtually true as it depends on the amount of water which is flowing to fill the machine.
Once the wash is done, the machine will automatically turn off.
Fold any clean laundry. NOTE: Linen is an important factor of any hostel. It is important to ensure that the linen put on the beds is and looks clean. This can be done by folding the linen when it is as flat as possible and not creating any creases in the linen. It also allows the reception staff to be sure of which beds are occupied and which are freshly made when taking new guests into their room.
How to fold flat sheets:
It helps if you use the top of the washing machine as a platform to fold.
Fold the sheet length ways in half to make a long skinny rectangle
Fold the sheet length ways again
Using the washing machine platform, make sure that the sheet is evenly spread across the top
Then proceed to fold the sheet in sections approximately 1 hand span, continuously folding until the sheet is finished

How to fold fitted sheets: (See video)
It helps if you use the top of the washing machine as a platform to fold.
Holding the top corners, take the left stitched seam and put inside the right stitched seam so that you end up with a long rectangle
Lay the sheet out on the washing machine and make sure that it is even on either side
Fold the top edge of the sheet 1/3 of the way down the sheet
Fold the bottom edge up the remaining 1/3, it should meet the new folded edge roughly
Take the right side of the sheet which is hanging over the washing machine and fold the sheet so that this edge meets the opposite edge of the washing machine
Take the left side of the sheet and bring it to the other side of the washing machine, this will fold the sheet into 1/3 again, roughly
Then fold this into 1/3 and it will be complete
(for the double sized sheets you will need to fold the sheet one more time after the first length ways fold)

Hang wet washing on the roof.
NOTE: Cozumel frequently gets rain with little warning. It is not always possible to remove sheets before the rain, because they are still wet, however it is best advised to remove sheets as soon as they are dry. Dry time takes as little as 40 minutes on a hot day, usually no longer than an hour if the washing is hung correctly. If your shift finishes while there is still washing upstairs to dry, then you need to let other helpers know so that they can remove the washing, or be responsible for removing it outside of shift hours. Under no circumstances should washing be left overnight. If you calculate the washing cycles then you can ensure that there is no washing left hanging outside of shift hours.
If there is enough clean linen for the days (and following day) departures and arrivals then there is no problem with leaving a small amount of dirty linen to be completed the next morning.
Hanging linen correctly will also allow for the sun to sanitise the sheets, pillow cases and towels. It will also heat the sheets enough to ‘drop’ out the creases which form during washing.
How to hang washing:
Take care while using the ladders to get upstairs to the washing line. The best safety practice while climbing the ladders is to have 3 points of contact at all times.
There are two fabric bags that can be used to transport the linen to the roof.
Take your wet items from the bag one at a time and drape over the line.
Best practice is to have as little as possible touching when draped over the line and nothing touching the ground, (bear in mind that if it does rain the linen/clothing will get heavier. Leave enough room between the linen/clothing so it doesn’t touch the ground)
Using the appropriate pegs fasten the linen firmly to avoid it sliding along the line and bunching during windy periods
When hanging allow for as much surface of the linen to catch breeze and sun, the washing will dry quickly, even if it gets rained on

[su_spoiler title=”Shifts” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron-circle” anchor=”Shifts”]We have a very strict policy on keeping the schedule, if you are late more than 15 minutes or not showing up to any shift without previous notice, there is a good chance that we will discontinue our cooperation and ask you to leave immediately.
Cooking, making your breakfast, eating, chatting with friends and family online, taking long conversations on Skype does not consider as working hours and will result extending your shift, charging you for one night, or in worst case even to ask you to leave.
Please take this seriously. We count on you, don’t leave us in trouble! As far as you follow these very simple rules, we are having a good time with you, we support you in everything and really appreciate your help.

You can check the shifts at this link (be advised, the shifts can change accordingly to any unexpected events during the week, please check back frequently):


[su_spoiler title=”Front desk” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron-circle” anchor=”Front desk”]For precaution, only Mexican citizens and foreigners with a proper working visa can enter this area. It is strictly forbidden to enter the reception desk for anyone other than the full-time employees of the hostel. If there is an inspection from immigration or other authorities, they will consider and treat everyone found in the front desk as employees.

NOTE: The information below will assist with planning your day and finding the best approach for room attendance. I.e. prepare clean linen, be made aware of any late check-outs or early check-ins
Ask/Find out:
how many check-outs for the day.
if there have been any check-outs already.
which beds/rooms have checked-out and which ones are remaining. (it might be necessary to make a note)
which beds/rooms have arrivals scheduled.
if any of those arrivals are in rooms/beds which have been unoccupied for some time, and/or when they were last occupied.

[su_spoiler title=”Mail, flyers, posters” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron-circle” anchor=”Mail, flyers, posters”]Arriving mail should never be opened, has to be passed to management. When something arrives, please notify the manager.
Other businesses offering their services should be contacted with the manager. If someone just leaves a credit card or flyer, pass it to the manager.
Businesses, municipal events who want to leave their flyers or posters needs a permit from the manager.
The basic rule is we are not a free advertising place and we don’t offer or provide any place to other businesses to make profit directly on indirectly in, or with the help of our promises. This includes guests or volunteers selling items in the hostel–not permitted. Our primary business is to sell diving and accommodation to people, anything else what affects our guests’ budget and spending on the island is unwanted.
Exception: major events, free services, and programs, hostels and services not located or based in Cozumel hence not affecting our guests ‘Cozumel budget’.
An advertisement about basic services and necessities such as food and car rental will be considered by management.
People looking for jobs should be turned to management. Don’t let them leave CVs without talking to a manager.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Beds, sheets, linen” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron-circle” anchor=”Beds, sheets, linen”]Make any beds of guests who have departed. HINT: making the top bunks can be difficult at times. Other than climbing on the top bunk to fit the bottom sheet it is possible to push the mattress out of the frame from underneath the top bunk. By pushing out the most difficult access corner first and fitting the bottom sheet, followed by the second most difficult corner and so on, leaving the easiest corner till last you can still fit the sheet effectively but without having to climb the bunk to make the bed.
How to make a bed:
Get the required linen for the bed(s) which need making
A single bed has one pillow, a double bed also has 1 (!) pillow only
If going into a dorm room to make the bed, knock first, and ensure that the bed below or above is empty before making the departed bed.
Apply the fitted sheet, making sure that the corners are pulled tight over the mattress. This will ensure that the sheet sits flat on the bed
Particularly with double beds, ensure that the linen you are using is a set. I.e, shiny brown, flat chocolate brown.
The top/flat sheet is to be folded neatly and placed in the reception shelves
The pillow case should be put on the pillow. You will find that many times the pillow case is too big for the pillow, so keep this looking neat and tidy, fold the excess pillow case into itself.
Lay the pillow neatly at the head of the bed, which is indicated by the placement of the personal reading light. Never put a pillow next to or under the ladders.

Check rooms and beds of those who are arriving.
You are looking to make sure that none of the linen has been used by other guests, and that everything is neat and tidy for the guests arrival.
Check rooms which have been unoccupied for some time.
You are looking to make sure that everything in the room is clean, ie. that there are no dead cockroaches on the floor, that all beds have pillows and that the linen doesn’t smell dusty. Making sure that everything is clean and tidy for any guests who might be arriving.
It is not always possible to have all the dirty linen for the check-outs or to make beds until after 11am.
If you know guests are meant to be checking out but you have not seen them, by 10:45 am go to the room and find the guest. Ask if they are staying and if not then remind them that check-out is 11am at which time you will at least need their sheets to be at reception in the box for laundering. If they wish to stay another night, they should consult reception as soon as possible, to ensure that the bed can be re-booked.
If you cannot find the guest, check and count the number of bags to the number of people in the room, it could be possible that they left without telling anyone. If it looks like they are still unpacked and you cannot find the guest, you must let reception know, as it could be possible that the guest will be required to pay more for not checking out on time.
Guests can be given late check-out and reception should let you know in the morning when you ask about the departures for the day.
It is the receptionists decision if to allow for the guest request and should be based on the number of check-outs and check-ins for the day.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Tasks during quiet times” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron-circle” anchor=”quiet_times”]Well, this happens quite often, it seems like there is nothing to do during your shift. Wrong! Absolutely there is! Please look for this list on the wall of the storage room and pick any tasks if you find yourself got bored.

During quiet times, E.g. no check-outs, everything ready before the end of a shift, waiting for laundry to finish the below list of extracurricular activities are to be carried out:
clean (particularly of fingerprints) and sanitize toilet doors and frames with bleach
wipe and clean empty lockers in all rooms (inside and outside)
clean mirrors in rooms and common areas with Windex and paper towel
using a broom clean eaves and cornices of spider webs
dust skirting boards and power plugs in common areas and rooms
dust and/or steam and/or vacuum bed frames, including under mattresses, between base slats
clean legs of chairs and tables in common area
remove all items on kitchen shelves and clean
wipe light shades and globes
clean marks off walls
clean under beds in dorms
dust tops of door frames, lockers, light switches, mirrors and personal reading lights in all areas including bathroom
wipe door surfaces in the hallway with Windex (blue liquid spray) to clean and remove hand and finger prints
soaking the main hammock with a little bleach and water in the big basin in the laundry room
cleaning the sheets and covers of the day beds and lounge in the common area
update any promotional signage and pamphlets
If all of these tasks have been completed, then ask the receptionist on duty if there are any projects which can be completed

[su_spoiler title=”Dive equipment care” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron-circle” anchor=”dive_equipment”]Only certified divers and hostel employees can help with dive equipment. The detailed instructions about how to rinse equipment can be found on the wall next to the rinse tank and HERE.


[su_spoiler title=”FAQ” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron-circle” anchor=”FAQ”]Common question from people from the street: Can I use the toilet? Do you have bathrooms?
Direct them to a public toilet, which is located right behind us in Plaza del Sol (the yellow building). Our facilities for safety reasons are strictly only for our guests. No exceptions.

Anyone -who is not a guest- is approaching or passing towards the hallway without asking, should be stopped and ask to leave. [/su_spoiler]