Scuba Diving trips in the Cozumel National Marine Park

We conduct daily boat dive trips from our downtown Dive Resort to the jaw-dropping reefs of the Cozumel National Marine Park. The group has plenty of options to choose from, with reefs stretching 25 km along the southwestern side of the island. Our big boats have sundeck, shade, and head which provides more comfort, meanwhile, fast boats allows us to reduce the time spent by traveling and use your vacation time more effectively. You can sign up online on our website, or in person at the reception. (subject to availability)
If you didn't dive for more than one year, for your own safety it's required to do a shallow water refresher beach dive with one of our instructors. (3:00 pm every day, one night basic dorm accommodation is included)
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1How can I receive my gratis dorm night?
This is a guest promotion, so, first of all, you need to become our guest with a confirmed and fully paid non-refundable reservation. BOOK HERE After this, please follow the instructions in the confirmation e-mail and use the promo code provided to receive your free nights. You can book any type of accommodation, we will deduct the price of a basic dorm from your diving balance. With this trip, you can receive 1 night in a basic dorm as a gift, or the value of this will be deducted from your full diving balance if you stay in a higher category dorm or in a private room.
2Which dive sites you will go tomorrow?
It's up to you. We can not tell and never set up any plans in advance. It's always a group decision, made on board by you, together with the other divers on board. Your safety is our first priority, our experienced captains and divemasters will also consider current, wind and wave conditions.
3How many divers are on the boat?
The different boats we share with other dive shops have 6-20 seats, however, we split the divers into several independent groups, and the group size never exceeds 6 divers per divemaster. When we have any courses running on our boats, we provide instructors to supervise dive students and divemasters to guide certified divers. Our aim is to offer our dive trips at an affordable price level, therefore we rent bigger boats in association with other dive shops to reduce not just the cost per head but the carbon footprint as well.
4What is the experience / certification level of the other divers?
We will know the answer to this question on the morning of the trip when everyone else signed up. What is important to know, that in Cozumel the currents can be strong and on most of the dive sites if you go deeper than 20 meters / 80 feet, all you can see is sand, so deep dives are mostly pointless on our reefs. We don't separate the divers according to their experience level, OWD divers with 4 dives are many times are much better divers than a very experienced diver with 600 logged dives. After leading tens of thousands of divers in Cozumel we learned that log books and certification cards do not make anyone a good or bad diver. If you are a confident, experienced diver with advanced certification card, you can be part of the group slighly deeper, with a dive buddy with similar to you. Please listen to our detailed briefing what we will send you before the dives for more details.

Night Dives in Cozumel

Available on request. We need a minimum of 3 divers to confirm a trip. Sign up here!!
Did you know? You can take the Advanced Open Water Diver Certification Course in Cozumel during these dives in 2 days. Click here to learn more!!

Prerequisites and limitations

Certification and fitness

Anyone with a valid Dive Certification, in general, good health, can participate in this trip. Must have at least PADI Open Water Diver qualification or equivalent from another diving agency). Certified Scuba Divers must hire a private divemaster for this trip.
Cozumel is an advanced dive destination with strong currents and drift dives, however, to dive here does not require advanced certification level. All divers has to be confident about their skills, have to be able to descend, ascend and perform a safety stop on their own, check their air level and depth, and maintain good buoyancy during the dive. These are requirements of the Open Water Certification Course, as a certified diver we assume, you are able to do all these in a safe manner. If you are not confident, we require you to rent a private divemaster. Your safety is our main concern. In case of lack of safe diving skills, for your own safety, we may refuse to provide the service.


Our dive operation provides high-quality rental diving equipment for all dive trips. We provide mask, fins and snorkel for FREE! However, we do recommend that you have your own perfectly fitted wetsuit, mask, fins, and snorkel for comfort and hygiene. For night dives use your own underwater lights or you can rent them from our dive shop. Enriched air Nitrox and 100 cu ft tanks are available for an additional fee.

Medical declaration

If you have not already done so, on arrival you will be required to fill in and sign a Medical Statement to say you are fit to dive, do not regularly take prescription or non-prescription medication and that you do not suffer from any conditions such as asthma, diabetes etc. If you are in any doubt or feel that you may have a condition which requires approval from a doctor first, please download a Medical Statement form Here is a link to the PADI Medical release form, please read through it before your course to ensure that you are fit to dive.

Bring your own

  • Bathing suit and towels
  • Biodegradable (!) sunscreen (avoid excessive use!)
  • Sunglasses
  • Your Diver Certification card (plastic or digital or PADI diver number)
  • Logbook *
  • Emergency signal sausage *
  • Wetsuit (2 or 3 mm shorty) *
  • Fins (and booties) appropriate for scuba diving performance requirements, and your own physical condition *
  • Mask and snorkel adapted to you *
* if you don’t have, we provide you with rental equipment or you can purchase these items locally

Price and conditions - what’s included

The price in 2tank Dive Hostel includes the use of 80 cu ft aluminum tanks and weights, regular air fills, ground transportation (taxi) for the group from and back to 2tank Dive Hostel, boat transport to/from dive sites, National Marine Park entrance fee, water and light lunch or snacks. Tips for the boat crew are not included. Dives guided by a Marine Park licensed PADI Dive Professional. Rental equipment includes the use of all diving equipment including a complete scuba system with regulator, octopus, pressure gauge, compass, weight system, BCD, octo holder, gauge holder, whistle, shorty wetsuit, mask, and fins.


We have scheduled boat trips every morning at 8:00 am. Depending on which dive sites we do on a given day, the group arrives back to the dive shop between 12:30 and 3:30 pm. On demand, we schedule afternoon trips and night dives as well. (minimum 3-4 divers)

Prices in Cozumel

Daily 2 tank boat dive trip .................. 79 USD
Full rental equipment add .................. 25 USD **
For additional prices see our reservation widget.
**: Cozumel average is 115 USD for this package

What to know

The stay and dive packages come with 1-night complimentary basic dorm accommodation per diving day in the value of approx. 10 USD rate per night in 2tank Dive Hostel Cozumel. The nightly accommodation price varies, the promotional discount will always be the price of a basic dorm bed (approx.10 USD ). This promotion is courtesy, subject to availability, and does not apply between 15th of December and 15th of January. Cash prices. In case of an electronic payment (PayPal, credit/debit card, wire transfer, etc.) additional fees apply. All payments due at arrival or check-in at the dive shop or the hostel and are final. We accept Cash (USD or MXN), PayPal*, Visa, and MasterCard via PayPal or direct Chase/Bank of America deposit, Zelle or wire transfer in advance. Trips are not confirmed until full upfront payment. For your convenience groups are limited to 6 divers per guide, private divemasters are also available. Felt in love with it, what's next? APPLY NOW! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! We are here to help you to gain more knowledge. See you soon underwater and have fun!