Our job is changing people’s life. Seriously. For those who are interested in turning their love of scuba into a paying career, the PADI Divemaster Internship could be the way to go. The professional divemaster course will allow you to expand your existing scuba diving knowledge and polish your dive skills to a professional standard.

Become a PADI DivemasterOur dedicated PADI Divemaster Course and Divemaster Internship Cozumel consists of 3 separate modules, it can be scheduled over 2-8 weeks and is very flexible.

Take your time

We offer an intense or a more relaxed PRO Divemaster Course schedule than most operators, and the choice is yours! The longer time span gives you a better opportunity to see how a busy dive school and dive shop is run, take in a few more fun dives as well as spending more time with your instructor and our team of divemasters. PADI Standards require you to attend each activity in your DM course only once – and this is exactly what other divemaster internship programs offer you. The bare minimum. Our approach is totally different when talking about the hours spent diving during your stay in Cozumel.

Unlimited diving included

Yes, it is correct! Unlimited beach diving included! We take you out diving and helping around all of courses, dives and every portion in your training as many time you want until you gain 100% confidence or get to the required number of logged dives! We don’t limit the number of dives you can put under your belt in 2tank. Theory and the obligatory tasks are an important part of the training, but we go beyond that and put more in. You will go diving every time we have a course or dive trip running and we have availability. This means you can dive every single day, including daily beach training dives and boat dives once a week!

Learn to help impart that love of diving to people taking their first breaths underwater and learn to celebrate the completion of their course.

Our PADI Go PRO Divemaster course and divemaster internships develop your leadership abilities by training you to supervise dive activities and assist instructors with student divers. Divemaster Academy wants you to participate scuba courses with all of our instructors and on a wide variety of dive courses and dive tours. Working with all of our experienced instructors, IDC Staff Instructors and Master Instructors give you a good overall view of different ways to teach and guide divers.

Divemaster Course structure

The Divemaster course (also known as DM Course) involves developing your knowledge of dive theory, assisting on dive courses, to develop control and problem-solving of diving activities; guiding tours, underwater navigation and customer relations.

We can schedule the Open Water/Advanced/Rescue course around your arrival. It will take about 1-3 weeks, and then as long as you have 40 logged dives you can take our next Divemaster course (which starts every Monday).

You need to have 40 logged dives to start the Divemaster course, but if you are short of the 40 dives then we do include unlimited beach diving within our program. Depending on how many dives you have upon arrival, we schedule a pre-week to the Divemaster course where you start getting involved in coral reef surveying, logging dives and improving essential dive skills such as your buoyancy control and air consumption, assisting, watch and dive on other student’s courses which will take you up to the required 40 dives. However, we would recommend an early reservation as we do have limited spaces/materials.

The DM Program and our divemaster internships can be combined with the Master Scuba Diver program, to improve job placement opportunities.

divemaster course and divemaster internship cozumel

PADI Divemaster Internship Cozumel

With our Divemaster Internship Programs, you can stay a while in our tropical paradise having successfully become a PADI Divemaster, not only gaining more diving experience but learning how to guide dive tours and control groups of students, preparing you for a successful career in diving.

Professional Divemaster Course and Divemaster Internship Cozumel parts

  • Knowledge development (which can take place with e-learning ahead of the course start date) 9 academic topics including dive theory topics, and Instructor-led class sessions.
  • Watermanship – stamina exercises, Rescue evaluation, problem solving and skills development.
  • Practical training;
    • 5 practical skill sessions (dive site management, map making, briefing a dive, Search & Recovery dive and a Deep dive).
    • 5 practical workshop sessions (Scuba review, skin diver/snorkeler, Discover Scuba Diving in Confined Water, Discover Scuba Diving in Open Water and Discover Local Diving with SMB deployment).
    • 4 practical assessments (Open Water students in confined water, Open Water students in open water, Continuing education students in open water, Certified divers in open water).

During knowledge development, you’ll learn about supervising both students and certified divers as well as about additional topics from risk management, programs Divemasters can conduct, specialized diving activities, the business of diving, and advancing your career. You’ll gain theoretical diving knowledge about physics, physiology, skills and environment, equipment and the recreational dive planner.

Divemaster Watermanship

PADI Divemaster Academy Internships Cozumel Mexico

Divemaster Course Mexico

In the first half of Week 4, during the day, we’ll conduct the waterman-ship module. The watermanship module of the divemaster internship will develop your strength and skills in the water and develop your confidence to a strong level of comfort. There will be exercises in swimming, snorkeling, towing a tired diver, and treading water. You’ll also be refreshed on your Rescue Course, how to perform a rescue on an unresponsive diver at the surface and egress them onto the shoreline or boat.

Our Instructors will demonstrate 24 dive skills to you, skill by skill, and you will get a chance to practice before we evaluate you. By now, as your confidence and skill ability has improved, we’ll improve your ability to deal with stress and problem solve underwater by teaming you with another Divemaster in training and have you exchange full scuba equipment whilst sharing air together – it’s a lot of fun!

The 5 skills sessions (briefed and demonstrated by an Instructor, then performed by the candidate) are:

  • Dive site set up and management
  • Mapping a dive site (in water sessions)
  • Conducting an effective briefing
  • Conducting a Search & Recovery dive (with in-water sessions)
  • Conducting a Deep dive (with in-water sessions)

The 5 workshops (candidate’s working together in water under Instructor direction/supervision) during your divemaster internship are:

  • Conducting a scuba review, and demonstrating all skills
  • Conducting a PADI Skin Diver session or a snorkeling tour
  • Conducting a Discover Scuba Diving experience in confined water (pool/dock)
  • Conducting a Discover Scuba Diving experience in open water (dive site)
  • Conducting a Discover Local Diving experience (leading certified divers and deploying SMB at end of dive)

The practical assessment of the PADI Divemaster Course covers working with;

  • Open Water students in confined water (pool/dock)
  • Open Water students in open water (dive sites)
  • Continuing education students in Open Water (dive sites)
  • Certified divers in Open Water (guiding divers at a dive site)

Scuba gear assembly Divemaster Internship Cozumel Course AcademyAs part of the diving internship, you’ll be assisting our experienced team of Scuba Instructors as they conduct PADI training programs with student divers. We’ll provide Instructor-led class sessions to help you assimilate the most from your independent study, so if physics sounds like a foreign language, then you’ll soon become multi-lingual thanks to the expert tuition of our staff!

You’ll also get experience helping as a dive guide by guiding certified divers on our dive trips to Cozumel’s famous dive sites. At the Divemaster Academy we put no time limit on the length of time you can stay with us, so the more you put into this program, the more you get out of it. We are not a factory, our classes are limited and we give much more personal attention and instruction time than any other internship program working with 20-30 candidates at the same time. We train all of our trainees as if they plan to go on to become Instructors.

PADI Specialty courses during your divemaster internship Cozumel

In the last week of your Divemaster training, you’ll also have the option to enroll in some PADI Specialty classes. These courses make you more knowledgeable and skillful. Choose from: Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx), Wreck, Deep, Night, Naturalist, Photography, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Search & Recovery and Navigation.

Before you arrive and start the divemaster internship program, you can complete the academics with PADI’s e-Learning course, and start learning at your home now. Though there are additional costs that payable to PADI, this course gives great time savings prior to arriving on Cozumel for candidates on limited timelines. For more information on how to sign up for this option, please let us know of your interest.

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